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12 Junk Journal Page Ideas

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

Looking for inspiration to fill those journal pages?

Keep scrolling for 12 fresh ideas to add interest, layers & movement to your junk journal!

Layer them on your page for a collage look! Or fill an envelope with flowers and add it to your page. These are from our Botanical Ephemera Fussy Cuts. The bottom photo is our Fussy Cut Flowers and Inspirational Journal Words.

2. Charms

Use lace & bulb pins to dangle some charms across the page.

3. Pockets

It seems obvious, but there are LOTS of ways to make pockets. We love these drawers & tab folders!

4. Envelopes

Again, it may seem obvious, but you can use envelopes to create flips & pockets. Just glue the flap over the edge of your journal page! The envelope pictured is from our Forgotten Diary Kit. We also have these Neutral Envelopes and Shabby Envelopes.

5. Holes

That's right! Tear some holes in your pages to create a window illusion and highlight an image. To make it easier, use a small paint brush and some water to trace your hole first. Then gently tear the hole out. Use distress ink or paint around the edges for a "burnt" look. This raven is from our Poe Journal Kit.

6. Paper Clips

Sometimes you don't need to do anything directly to your page. Simply clipping on a piece of ephemera/envelope/embellishment can jazz up a boring page. Get these small paper clips for your tiniest embellishments.

7. Flips

Movement is interesting and fun. We love to flip items open to peek at what's behind. Create a simple envelope flip like this one to give your page some WOW! Here are some Kraft Envelopes, Small Kraft Envelopes and CD Envelopes to help you build your layers.

Images from our Poe Journal Kit and other various kits.

8. Pop Out Page

This page has an interesting fan-fold and can hold 4 small envelopes & tags. It's an unexpected surprise that is sure to delight! See the short video here. Printables in the photo are from our Grandma's Kitchen Kit and our Kitchen & Baking Fussy Cuts. Find the Kraft Envelopes here.

9. Folders & Folios

It's easy to create a pretty folio or folder to insert into your journal pages. Here is one using our Grandma's Attic Kit. Also, our printable folio kits make it EASY!

10. Doors

These printable doors are an easy way to add some quick interest and movement to any page.

11. Waterfall Flip

Okay, this may look really complicated, but we have a simple step-by-step tutorial to help you make this beautiful waterfall flip! The results will delight you!

12. Ephemera Wallet

This wallet has it all! Movement, interest & a handy spot to store extra ephemera pieces! Want to make one? See a quick "short" tutorial here.

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4 комментария

Great ideas. Also appreciate sharing techniques. Thanks.


Sandie Fleenor
Sandie Fleenor
24 мар. 2023 г.

Love your ideas an I'm going to use some on my first junk journal.... Thank you for inspiring me... Keep up the great work ❤️


All of these ideas are awesome. Thank you.


thank you for the ideas!!!! I love that you also attach a video tutorial to go along with some of the ideas!!!❤️

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