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20 Ways To Share Your Junk Journal

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

20 Ways To Share Your Junk Journal

(If you're looking for ways to USE a junk journal, click here.)

If you're like me, you LOVE to craft! It's so much fun being creative and making journals and folios and cards and.... well you know. But once you've filled your bookshelves and given journals to all your family and friends and neighbors and co-workers and that girl at the coffee shop.... you get the idea. It can be hard to know what to do with them.

Below are a few suggestions from members of the My Porch Prints Facebook Group. I hope they'll spark some ideas and help you find new ways to share your creative talents!

Don't forget to add a note to your journal with ideas for how it can be used and letting the recipient know it's a free gift for their enjoyment (unless you're selling, of course).

  1. Street Libraries (you know, those little boxes on posts with books in them)

  2. Nursing Homes

  3. Teacher Gifts

  4. Sell on Etsy or at Craft Fairs

  5. Church Friends or as Welcome Gifts for Newcomers

  6. Shelters or Domestic Abuse Centers

  7. Charities/Fundraisers

  8. RAK - Random Act of Kindness (place in a small bag in a public area with a note that whoever finds it can keep it)

  9. Health Care Workers

  10. Christmas Gifts for Volunteers/Firefighters/Police/Anyone in Service

  11. Cancer Care Centers/Kids Hospitals/Etc.

  12. Pregnancy Wards for New Moms

  13. Women's Prisons

  14. Happy Mail (exchange with a fellow crafter)

  15. Birthday Gifts for friends, family or church or group members

  16. Themed Journals for people who care for animals, people who cook, swim, craft, sew, golf... any hobby.

  17. Children (with special places to write & draw or fun activities inside)

  18. Libraries (see if your library is interested in featuring your journals or will let you do a demonstration/class)

  19. Local Coffee Shops (Ask if they will let you set up a small rack to sell there... journals could be a novelty that help attract customers, and you could offer them a portion of the sale or "rent" for the space)

  20. Gifts for the Bereaved (send anonymously to anyone who has lost a loved one as a way to heal from grief and know someone is thinking of them)

You can also start a YouTube channel and share your crafts with the world!

Visit My Porch Prints on Etsy for beautiful junk journal kits & crafting printables.

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what great ideas, thanks for sharing, i love all your videos and kits etc. :)

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