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My Porch Prints Etsy Shop Terms of Use/Copyright

Updated: Jan 5

Wondering if you can print & sell our items? See our terms of use & copyright info below.

BASIC INFO: NONE of our items may be assembled and sold as-is or as part of a "kit". You must incorporate them into your OWN UNIQUE crafted project.

Our items are for PRINTED use only & may NOT be used or altered digitally (resizing is allowed to fit your project). You may NOT create something (such as a collage) and scan it to sell. It still contains our designs and may not be used in that way. If you wish to use our items in a project to sell, our kits should be incorporated into YOUR own unique project, such as a junk journal. (see more info below).

HOW TO KNOW IF YOU CAN SELL: If you are creating a UNIQUE craft project of your own and thinking: "These printables could look good in my project" that is on the right track. If you're looking at our shop and thinking, "how could I sell this?" then that is not.

Some questions to ask are:

1. Does this look a lot like Stephanie's (My Porch Prints) photos or original design?

2. Could someone else easily create this and have it look the same as my project?

3. Would this product compete with the original design from MPP?

If yes, then it can NOT be sold.

We appreciate you and your creativity!

Thank you,



MY PORCH PRINTS COPYRIGHT NOTICE & TERMS OF USE The artwork in our shop is the property of MY PORCH PRINTS and protected by copyright law. You MAY NOT reproduce/alter/redistribute/use any part of it as a digital item (such as a file or in a digital collage, etc.). DO NOT use or alter to create your own digital designs.

You MAY NOT share these files with anyone else, in digital or print form. This includes not printing the digitals for someone else who has not likewise purchased this digital kit. You may not split the price and share with someone else, etc. Do not post on social media. ONE PURCHASE, ONE USER.

You MAY NOT re-sell these images as-is or as your own work either in print or digital form. You MAY print & use these items in a tangible journal/scrapbook/craft project, etc., to sell. You MAY NOT simply print them out, assemble and re-sell them either on their own, as small craft items such as stickers, stamps, cards, etc. or as part of a “kit” or in any way that competes with our shop. Our items are meant for you to use in your own unique assembled craft project.

You MAY NOT use in print-on-demand or for sublimation-type items such as t-shirts, mugs, etc. Our designs are for printed papercrafts.

Our items must be incorporated into your own unique, assembled printed project and significantly altered (such as by adding other printed items, lace, decorations, etc.) DO NOT just print, assemble & sell. DO NOT just alter slightly and sell. You must make it unique. Violations could result in legal action. Please contact My Porch Prints on Etsy if you have questions about these terms. © Copyright - MY PORCH PRINTS All Rights Reserved

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For clarification, if I made a junk journal and make tags using your products, may I or may I not sell that journal? Do the tags become "mine" if I use your products and add my own ribbons, lace, etc? If I print some MPP pages and put them in a journal with other pages (some from other vendors) and then sell that journal, am I in violation of your copyrights?

Stephanie Sanders
Stephanie Sanders
Sep 18, 2023
Replying to

If they are part of your unique project, then it is okay to sell. (So including our pages or tags in a journal that you're creating, with your own design and style, is okay.)

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