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Vintage Craft Room Storage Ideas & Inspiration

*Scroll to the bottom for links to some of the items pictured. Vintage Craft Room Storage Ideas & Inspiration

My craft room actually began as a desk in the corner of my dining room. It was a clunky ugly desk, but it was all I had, so I made it work. Maybe you can relate. Finding a space to dedicate just to crafting can be a challenge. But if you're lucky enough to have a space.... a room, a table or just a corner somewhere it can become really messy, really quickly!

For a long time, I would use anything I could find to store my growing hoard of craft supplies: Amazon boxes, plastic bins, jars, etc. But as my hobby and my space grew, I realized I wanted a place that was as beautiful to craft in as the crafts themselves. So, slowly I began to switch out the cardboard and plastic for weathered wood or thrifted baskets... anything that made the space feel special and beautiful.

I still have a long way to go. My space is always growing and changing. But I've collected a few things along the way and want to share them with you. I hope it inspires you in your own crafting journey. Let's take a look!

First off, you'll see LOTS of pics of this antique hutch. I just picked it up at an antique store. I also found these wood cubbies to put on top of it. Full disclosure: the cubbies needed some work! They came VERY rustic and beat-up. But I love the vintage "Old Mercantile Store" look these pieces create! It's like I can browse the shelves and "shop" for my own craft supplies.

I love old buttons! You can find them collected in jars like these. I picked these up at thrift stores and on Etsy and Ebay.

I picked up this old Underwood typewriter at an antique shop several years ago. It doesn't serve much purpose for storage, but I like how it inspires me. Plus my little owl friend looks so cute nestled in the type bars.

For ribbons and lace, I use this spice rack. It isn't vintage, but the metal has a classic feel.

Pearls, appliques and ribbon look even prettier in an old whitewashed wood crate.

Baskets can make excellent storage as well. I found this gray washed willow basket at a thrift shop for just a few dollars. It holds seasonal items.

These wood drawers have a vintage library or apothecary feel. I decoupaged them with printable papers from my Etsy shop and added labels in an old typewriter font. You can see a video of this here.

A pegboard is a fun place to add some vintage-style storage. My husband made this one and framed it as well. You can also find ready-made versions on Amazon. Add interest by mixing in shelves, planters, baskets, etc.

Looking for ways to store your vintage ephemera pieces? Read on!

This old mail sorter is a great way to display tags, papers and ephemera. I found this one years ago, but you can find similar ones on Amazon, like this one.

Another fun piece is this antique sewing machine drawer. You can find drawers like this at antique shops or Etsy and Ebay.

Here is another little wood drawer I picked up on Etsy.

This wood divided box is perfect for sorting small fussy cut items, labels and tags while working on projects.

Be sure to check out this video tour of my craft room for more ideas. Also visit My Porch Prints Shop on Etsy for printable junk journal kits, papers, folios & more! And sign up for our newsletter to see what's new on our blog, in our shop and also for freebie printables! Thanks for stopping by!

~Stephanie, My Porch Prints

Here are more links to some of the items pictured

Rustic Wood Cubby Shelves on top of my hutch (they are VERY rustic!)

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Love your craft room. Thanks for sharing ideas to store papers and things!❤️

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